Krypto in his regular form

Krypto not in his Superdog form

Krypto in Superdog form

Krypto in his Superdog form


Krypto is white Kryptonian Labador Retriever from Krypton.

=Role and AppearanceEdit

Krypto helps out with Timmy,Sabrina,Salem,Cosmo,and Wanda to catch Missle along with Anti-Cosmo.


He might be a Superdog but he has a weakness too, his weakness is Kryptonite (including Red and Green)


Krypto effected by Green Kryptonite which weakens him

Red Kryptonite

Krypto effected by Red Kryptonite. Unlike Green, red Kryptonite does unpredictable effects such losing powers and etc...

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