Missle Jay Error

Missle drawn by KryptoStar

Missle Jay Error

Missle drawn by KryptoStar

Missle is white American Foxhound with green markings and black massacre. She is very evil and one the main anatongist, She is also very powerful.

List of powers: Glitching,Teleport,Invisibility,Mind Control,Psychic Powers,Power Copying,Intangibility,Repulsion Field,Shield,Reflecting Shield,Duplication,SuperHuman reflexes,Pixel split,Duplicate

Role and AppearanceEdit

Tusky Husky lets her free from an unknown asteroid on purpose and causes trouble to the world and teams up with lots of villains

She is escaping from Krypto,Sabrina,Timmy,Danny,Salem,Cosmo,and Wanda. Out of the middle of nowhere, Danny zapped her with his ghost ray think that She died but she protected herself with her shield.

Missle Jay Ref

Missle Ref drawn by KryptoStar


She has a sister name,Virus Lois Error.

Missile belongs to KryptoStar

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